How txtr Works? is a web service which allows you to create and manage mobile campaigns to which your customers can subscribe from their phones. By subscribing your customers become part of your marketing programs. Their phone numbers are stored on-line in subscriber groups. These groups are always available to you. You can push information and promotions directly to your subscribers' phones. You can group/segment your customers or send messages to all of them at once. You also get to monitor progress and modify your campaigns in real time using rich on-line reports. Your customers retain the ability to join and leave any or all groups at their convenience. You always get to communicate with your customers on their terms.


Below are the typical steps in this process.


The first step is to open an account and create one or more campaigns >>


The second step is to promote your campaign >>


The third step is ongoing. Using your campaign management tool you can modify campaigns at any time or create new ones. You can send timely messages to promote your products or services and them measure their success in real-time, using rich, on-line reports.


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SMS text messaging mobile campaigns

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