About Upside Wireless Inc.

Upside Wireless Inc. is one of the leading North American companies specializing in mobile messaging applications for consumer and enterprise markets. Founded over 7 years ago and headquartered in Vancouver, Upside identified a gap in the marketplace for solutions that facilitate transfer of information between various information systems within enterprises, with their mobile employees, customers and partners using cellular phones.

Upside’s proprietary middleware messaging technology – SideWinderSMS - enables development of mobile business solutions for a variety of vertical markets. Today, Upside is the only telecommunications provider in the world with the ability to deliver SMS messages to and from any mobile phone on the Planet. Upside serves over 500,000 individual customers’ messaging needs and also provides mobile messaging and integration services to organizations such as Translink, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Voice of America and many other. Upside also offers several unique services specifically tailored for Canadian and US businesses.

For example, the newly launched 77777 service allows Canadian businesses to quickly start their marketing campaigns. Similarly, the 82489 service is offers financial services clients to integrate marketing and alerting campaigns with their customer’s mobile phones. We continuously innovate so that we can provide you with simple and cost effective way to go mobile. We are dedicated to being a trusted partner and expert advisor in the area of mobile messaging and would be delighted to get an opportunity to show you how going mobile can be a simple and efficient, yet powerful decision for your business.

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